Services available for logistic on farm products in bulk

  • Multimodal logistic, both national and international -sea, river, train, truck
  • Transhipment and quality control on river and sea ports
  • Warehousing in port
  • Warehousing on floor and in grain elevator
  • Picking, bagging, packaging, distribution, etc.
  • Quantity and quality control
  • Crane handling for fertilizers in warehouse
  • Custom performance and delivery
  • On truck delivery
  • Humidity and quality control
  • Acceptance of seeds and oilseeds, auctions harvest & post harvest
  • Control for ventilation, freshness, temperature, pesticides
  • vrac_services_transport_agricultureElectronic weighing, weightbridge

Services to building industry


  • National haulage, multimodal international transport
  • Transport of raw material, collection on production site
  • Handling on loading place
  • Warehousing on river & sea ports, security control by monitoring
  • Screening, splitting up, marking, picking, bagging, packaging, etc.
  • Quantity and quality control
  • distribution on demand, export-import
  • On time feeding of mixing unit

  • vrac_services_transport_materiaux_constructionDumper delivery

Services to coal industry


  • Supply chain between producers, traders and consumers
  • Efficient transhipment, selective warehousing
  • Screening, pounding, mixing
  • Temperature control on coal warehousing field
  • Multimodal transport
  • Monitoring and range management
  • Custom performance to river transport
  • Transhipment in port & warehousing
  • River transport : weighing of ships
  • Import custom, assistance for document’s issuance
  • Coal delivery to powerplants

  • vrac_services_transport_charbonWaste selective logistic management

Logistic to recycling of waste


  • Multimodal logistic, both national and international -sea, river, train, truck
  • Transport management
  • Handling, on route warehousing, control management for transport of waste
  • Warehousing / transhipment / transhipment licence
  • Respect of rules on waste’s handling
  • Certification process


Services to minerals


  • Multimodal logistic, both national and international
  • Sea & coaster transport, rail & dumper (just in time)
  • Transhipment in port & warehousing (basically own terminals)
  • Out-indoor warehousing, security monitoring
  • Quantity and quality control
  • Custom performance, export-import
  • Sea freight
  • Custom on coaster transport
  • Bagging, packaging, distribution, etc
  • Stowing of containers
  • vrac_services_transport_mineraisNational and international transport -sea, river, train, truck

River transport

image_service_navigation fluviale

Licence and equipment

River transport till 2500t on the French River Network (Voies Navigables de France), loading facilities on river ports, dumpers to customers

Road haulage


Licence and equipment

  • More than 250 trucks in fleet


  • Wide range of dumpers for building and seeds, rolling floors, classic dumbers, tanks